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PAL has established deep roots in Putnam County and has a vision to become a focal point for a community resource center that would provide a multitude of services including athletics, mentoring, tutoring and wrap around services when needed.  As we continue to build upon our successes, PAL has a strong foundation of support for continued growth.

Putnam County ranks very high in many areas of needs.  Our families and youth struggle to achieve the basics of a healthy life.  At PAL, we recognize this difficulty and work with families to enrich their lives with resources.  PAL has created a network of partners who share our vision and we continue to seek opportunities through grants and donations to enhance our capabilities to serve.

We believe that our goals and desires align with the blessings we have received over the past four years.  Putnam PAL will continue its reputation of honesty, integrity and a source of hope in trouble times.  We will continue to be a program that stands on moral values and the will to follow our Lord and Savior.  We hope one day our PAL will be able to extend its hand to every youth that literally needs a P.A.L